Sample Resource Site & Map

Sample Resource Site & Map

One of the requirements for this seminar is that participants work on a project to share the educational resources developed through the seminar with the broader public. We will be developing web-based resource maps and topical educational resource sites throughout the seminar. To provide a sense of what we will be developing, we have created a demonstration site and resource map, as well as guides for creating these things on your own. Both the this site and the demonstration site will be updated in the future with links to all of the resources developed by our participants, so be sure to check back for updates!

Visit the sample resource site

Keith Miyake is a graduate of the Earth and Environmental Sciences Program at the CUNY Graduate Center. His work crosses the fields of political economic geography, environmental justice and environmental governance, critical race and ethnic studies, American studies, and Asian American studies. His dissertation examined the institutionalization of environmental and racial knowledges within the contemporary capitalist state.
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